Windows 10 Update

Every time I try to update Windows 10 😂


Cybershoes VR Controller

These shoes allow you to run around in VR 😎🏃‍♂️

AI Beats Humans At DOTA 2

A team of AI trained for 180 days to beat humans playing DOTA 2 😮

AR Table Tennis

The only way I'll be good at table tennis 🏓

WPA3 Certification Starts Today

WPA3 will be the biggest WI-FI security upgrade in over a decade 🔒

Military Wheel Changes Shape Whilst Moving

Have DARPA reinvented the wheel? 🤔

The Fishing Cannon

This cannon shoots your fishing bait for you

Water Cooled Battle Station Creation

It's so pretty 😍

Guy Makes His Own Gameboy

Giaco Whatever is incredibly talented 👌

GeekOn: The Ultimate Board Game Backpack

This board game backpack really lets you get your geek on 🎒🙌

Crafting A Ring From An R8 Hood

I R8 this guy's skills 💍👏

Electroplating Bolts

Electroplating bolts is so mesmerizing 😍


Saudi Women Drivers Ban Lifted

This is amazing news! 🙌

Sun Explosion On Camera

Capturing the sun rise in slow motion 🌅

Car Paint Reacts To Sound

I need my car painted in this 😲😍

Low Earth Orbit Satellite Spotted From The ISS

Astronauts on the ISS spotted this floating past their window... 🛰🌍


The Difference Between Monitor Refresh Rates

This is how important refresh rates really are 🖥

Running By A Moving Car

What could possibly go wrong? 😂😂


Dissolving Gold In Mercury

This process so cool to watch 🤓



I could watch this all day 😍

William Tell Overture Finale: PCB Edition

This is amazing 🎵

Amazing Table

This expandable table is incredible 😎

Building A Wilderness Log Cabin From Scratch

Imagine being this good with wood🌲

Insane Motorbike Tricks

Now that's how you pull off a nose wheelie 🏍

Adrian Guggemos /


Mr animator I don't feel so good

Homemade Ski Course

This guy created his own freestyle ski course 🎿

Cat Virtual Reality Explorer Explores Feline Anatomy

You can now explore the anatomy of a cat in VR

Magnetic Pendulum Array

This is so satisfying to watch


Developing Games For Xbox One X

The power of the Xbox One X is changing how games like Forza 4 Horizon are made 🎮😲

Forza Motorsport

Arculus ONYX

This is the ultimate camera stabliser 📷

When Your Mate Works In I.T.

This is literally me! 😂😂

Viva La Dirt League

Looking At Saturn Through A Massive Telescope

Incredible footage of Saturn 🔭

Butterfly Ring

Pablo Cimadevila is incredibly talented 👌

$1 Million Cigar Box

I need one of these 😍

Incredible Rainbow And Thunderstorm

Damn nature is wild! 🌈⚡️


Samsung Announce 8TB SSD

Those read and write speeds are 🔥🔥

The Most Valuable Car Up For Sale

The iconic Ferrari 250 GTO is expected to fetch up to $45 million in auction 🏎

Real Life RC Car

This guy turned his Chevrolet Corvette into a real life RC Car

Barcroft TV

DREVO BladeMaster Keyboard

This is the ultimate keyboard with a programmable knob ⌨

NVIDIA Are Transforming Standard Video Into Slow Motion with AI

NVIDIA are changing the slow motion game 🤓🎥

SMD Soldering Microscope Footage

Soldering filmed under a microscope 🔬

Article 13 Was Voted On Today

The EU has taken its first step to destroying internet memes 😢👎

Real Life Blitz Shield From Rainbow Six Siege

The Hacksmith builds the Blitz shield from Rainbow Six Siege🛡

*Epilepsy warning. This video has flashes!*

MUWI: The Ultra Compact Dolly For Smartphones & Cameras

Muwi makes it possible for everyone to capture cinematic footage 🎥

Crushing 25 Candles With A Hydraulic Press

This is strangely satisfying to watch 😮

Hydraulic press channel

Using Boiling Water To Get Car Dents Out

A pro tip to getting rid of dents on your car 👍

TrestleJack Lifting

TrestleJack utilizes driving motion to jack up your car

$100k Computer

This is what a $100k computer looks like 🖥😍

Hospital Uses VR To Distract Patients Being Treated

This hospital uses VR to keep its patients calm

Casting Stormbreaker Hammer In Aluminium From Beta Ray Bill

PressTube casts the Stormbreaker Hammer and it looks amazing 🔨

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