Digger With A Flamethrower Attached

When that spider in your shed just absolutely has to die 🔥

Skid Steer Solutions & Eterra Attachments USA

Southwest Airlines Take Care Of Your Luggage

So that's how my suitcase got lost 😮


Towing Your Boat Without A Trailer

No trailer, no problem...😬 😬

Lighting A Fire In Space

This is what happens to fire in space 🔥🛰

NASA - National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Escape From The Internet

How the tables have turned... 👴🖥

Russian Tractor Racing

Tractor racing looks insane 🚜


A Man Paid For Pizza With 10,000 Bitcoins 10 Years Ago

Pizza is always worth it! 🍕

Fearless AF TT riders

These riders fly through the Isle of Man's TT course at 160+MPH! 😲 😲

EU laws Are Blocking US Websites

A win for our privacy or an Orwellian step towards censorship? 🤔

The Essential Phone 2 Has Been Cancelled

RIP Essential Phone 😢

Samsung Owe Apple $539 Million

One of the biggest lawsuits in technology is finally settled 💰💰

Sony Is Taking A Step Back From The Gadget Market

It's official... Sony are moving away from hardware 😢

The Scariest Bridge In Russia

Nope, nope, NOPE 😱


NASA Has Been Flying Crazy Planes Since 1947!

These planes helped to change aircraft forever! ✈️🙌

NASA - National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Awesome Halo Cosplay Costume

This Halo cosplay is next level! 🎮

Putting A Tesla Coil In A Vacuum Chamber

ElectroBOOM builds a vacuum chamber for his Tesla Coil! Don't try this at home ⚡️

Squashing Candles With Hydraulic Press

I can't stop watching this 👌

Hydraulic press channel

Incredible Prosthetic Finger

"My new finger is proper mental" 👌😲

NVidia Are Teaching AI Using Humans

Won't be long until robots take over 🤖

Taking Off On A Mountain Runway

This runway in Nepal has only 500m of tarmac between you and certain doom 🛫👀


Fast And Furious: Indian Edition

WAAYYYY better than the original 😂😂

When You Forget To Load The SD Card Into The Camera

Well, sh*t... 🤦‍♀️

The World's Biggest Limousine

The world's biggest limousine... complete with a police escort! 😱🚓

Supercar Blondie

Huge Breakthrough In Soft Robotics

This is a huge leap forward! 🙌

The Airless Bike Tire

Say goodbye to popped tires entirely 🚴‍♀️

Motorbikes Zoom By At 190mph

WOW! 🏍😲

Jet Dropped From A Crane

Oh Sh*t 😳😳


The New Razer Core X Is Here

The Razer Core X could turn your laptop into a beast! 💻💪

Jet Thruster Can Right A Skidding Motorbike

This Jet thruster could stop a motobike from skidding out 🏍🙌

Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference Takes Place Next Month

Who else is excited for the biggest Apple event of the year?! 🙋💻

The Brand New Razer Blade Is Here

Shut up and take my money! 💻😲


Bone Conducting Musical Sunglasses

These sunglasses have your beats built-in 😎🎧

Tesla Model X Achieves NHTSA 5-Star safety rating

The Model X is first and only SUV to achieve a NHTSA 5-Star safety rating in every category 🚙 🙌

What If An Octopus Is Actually An Alien

It would make sense tbf 🤔🐙

Formula E Gen2 Driven In Berlin

The Formula E Gen2 car will be a game changer in 2019

Can A Nokia 3310 Withstand A Million Volts?

This phone is truly indestructible 💪📱

When F1 Is Life

We've all dreamt of being an F1 driver at some point 😂

Transformers Costumes For Children

These Transformers costumes are unbelievable! 😲🚗


Flying Trains Concept

Will this be called a Plain? 🤔

Camaro With 32" Wheels

Why would you even do this 😮

Roughing The Inside Of A Cherry Bowl

These spirals are so soothing to watch

Making A Tank From Matchsticks

Tanks for the memories 😮😂

Awesome Kaleidoscope Illusion

Take my money 😍💰

The Real Infinity Stones

There's only one outcome where the Avengers really win... 😂

GTA 3 Stars In Real Life

Holy Sh*t!! 🚓

*Turn on the sound* 🔊

Damien Walters Slip And Slide

Damien Walters is a legend! 😲

The Gnarbox

The storage device is a game changer! 🙌

Invisible Magnetic Joint System

I need this magnetic drill! 😲

Making A "DSLR Camera" From Cardboard

The new Nikon is shaping up to be a beast 👀

Electric Scooter Made From Hemp

This scooter is made from weed! 🏍😎

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